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general maintenance

From oil changes to tune-ups, Adventure Motorsports, LLC is happy to serve Western New York customers with the best in service at an affordable price.

Estimates are available and offered for vehicles up to 5 years old or newer.  Older vehicles require a hands-on assessment to uncover hidden or long-term problems that may hinder performance.  All major repairs will require a deposit of at least 50% of the total estimated bill BEFORE any service work will be performed.  This is to cover the cost of parts ordered on your behalf and will be applied to the total bill, due at the time of pick up.



Safety on the road begins with wheels in good repair. If you have broken or missing spokes, don't risk disaster. Make an appointment so we can replace them, ensuring a smooth, safe ride out on the road every time.

Note: bent spokes should be replaced, not repaired for optimum safety.

Get ready to ride with our full-service oil change.  


Service includes a high-quality WIX filter and Valvoline ATV 10W-40 Motorcycle Oil (full synthetic supplied upon request), as well as the disposal of all used fluids in an environmentally-responsible manner.  

Bike running poorly?  Hard to start, idling erratically, or sporadically surging during cruising?  You need our carb synchronization. We will change or add fuel filter, remove water from the line, adjust carburetor and synch them so they give you a smooth ride, every time.

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