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Adventure Motorsports, LLC of WNY offers mounting and balancing services for most makes and models of recreational vehicles.  We can change ATV and motorcycle tires, and balance your tires (street machines only). 

There is a flat rate on dismounting and mounting tires on wheels/rims, while there is an hourly rate for removing and installing wheels on motorcycles: 

  • Tubeless tires dismount & mount/balance - $37 flat rate

  • Tube type tires - $47 flat rate

  • Harley Davidson tires with white-side wall  - no flat rate

  • Dirt bike wheels with rim locks - no flat rate

  • ATV and UTV wheels - $26 for 2 flat rate, unless there an issue removing or filled with Green Slime.

  • Waste Tire Fees apply to new ATV or UTV tires through my local supplier. We can also dispose of your old tires for $3.50 per tire.

Due to price fluctuations and the wide range of tires available for recreational vehicles, we do not keep an inventory in stock.  However, we'll be happy to order new tires for your vehicle.  Deposit is required.  Contact us for an estimate.

Estimates are available and offered for vehicles up to 5 years old or newer.  Older vehicles require a hands-on assessment to uncover hidden or long-term problems that may hinder performance.  All major repairs will require a deposit of at least 50% of the total estimated bill BEFORE any service work will be performed.  This is to cover the cost of parts ordered on your behalf and will be applied to the total bill, due at the time of pick up.

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