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Adventure Motorsports, LLC of WNY offers electrical service and repair for most makes and models of motorcycles and recreational vehicles. 

  • Battery testing

  • Fuse testing and replacement

  • EFI systems

  • Charging systems

  • Wiring and Ignition Components

  • Electrical system diagnosis and repair

Don't spend hours getting frustrated trying to diagnose a hidden problem with your motorcycle's electrical system.  We will happily diagnose the problem, and provide a free, written estimate. 

Electric Service:  $95/hour 

Estimates are available and offered for vehicles up to 5 years old or newer.  Older vehicles require a hands-on assessment to uncover hidden or long-term problems that may hinder performance.  All major repairs will require a deposit of at least 50% of the total estimated bill BEFORE any service work will be performed.  This is to cover the cost of parts ordered on your behalf and will be applied to the total bill, due at the time of pick up.

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