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Using a Borescope Can Save Hundreds!

Using our borescope allows us to inspect cylinders and pistons to diagnose problems without major teardown cost. We recently used this procedure to diagnose a seized engine that would not turn over. With the camera, we found that the bearing for the crankshaft had overheated and seized the engine. Using this ingenious approach saved the customer time and money that would have been spent taking the engine apart to determine the problem. 

Borescope can also be used inside fuel tanks to inspect condition and reveal signs of wear before they become a serious problem. Best of all, we supply the customer with pictures on request so they can have an idea of the problem so a treatment plan can be formulated.

Estimates are available and offered for vehicles up to 5 years old or newer.  Older vehicles require a hands-on assessment to uncover hidden or long-term problems that may hinder performance.  All major repairs will require a deposit of at least 50% of the total estimated bill BEFORE any service work will be performed.  This is to cover the cost of parts ordered on your behalf and will be applied to the total bill, due at the time of pick up.

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