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10100 County Road #58 Perrysburg, New York


Pick Up & Delivery Service

Adventure Motorsports, LLC of WNY recognizes that sometimes, getting your vehicle into the repair shop is the hardest job of all. That's why we are proud to offer our convenient pick up & delivery service.

Just call us when your vehicle needs service, and we will arrange a mutually-convenient time to pick it up. When the service is complete, we will contact you to arrange a time to deliver it back to you so you can get back to what you love doing the most.

Both ways $30-within 10 miles of shop

Both ways $45 per vehicle over 10 miles of shop

Additional machines during the same pick up and delivery will be $10 each. If we cannot accommodate more than one machine at time of pick up, each machine will be charged separately. If machine is to be delivered to a different location, additional fees will apply.

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